Student Testimonials

"The atmosphere was always pleasant."


My experience in Advance English Academy was about a little more than a year and a half. I started at the High-Intermediate level and I made progress little by little. My weaknesses were always related to grammar and speaking. 

My teachers always focused on strengthening my weaknesses and they took time to work on those specifically for me. In the same way they detected the weaknesses of my classmates and promoted the strengthening of the weaknesses of each student in the class. The content of the class were always varied. Our teachers always showed interest in looking for different ways to motivate the classes, turning the learning experience into a very natural way to learn, in such a way that I did not realize that I was learning and improving.

At the end of my studies at the academy I could tell that the differences were enormous. I can now have conversions in a more natural way. My pronunciation is much better and my grammar has improved remarkably. The events that the academy carries out with the students are part of the things that I will miss the most. 

In addition, I have developed friendship with the teachers. Although they always have different personalities among them, they are all very friendly. The atmosphere was always very pleasant.

Carlos Montesinos 

Medical Doctor 

Co-owner of Follow Your Heart in Home Care 


"...great interactions with my classmates at different school events."


My name is Alston Shek. I am from Taiwan and had studied ESL for two years (2016-2018) at Advance English Academy. I started learning English without any foundation. In those two years, I learned a lot of things in school and had great interactions with my classmates at different school events. 

I think I was really lucky because I got to learn how to be independent in the United States, and the American lifestyle. English can help me at work and travel. 

Now, I am a branding designer and I offer service worldwide.

Alston Shek

Branding Designer

Eyes Dot Design Studios